Our Services

  • capability outsourcing services suites:
    IT Outsourcing (ITO): Covers everything from the desktop and mobile computing realm back to the data center servers.

  • Application Outsourcing:
    leverages deep Ultra-visions domain expertise to help you get more value out of your business.

  • Support and Maintenance Services:
    Spans installation, deployment, technical support, maintenance, warranty repairs and other functions.

  • Accounting Consulting:
    Based on the experience of the company over the past years in the field of accounting and management, the company offers consulting service in the field of accounting software and procedures and application.

    Where the study programs not only in terms of accounting, but other aspects that have an impact on the accounting cycle for the company's operations, either directly or indirectly at the hands of specialists in the field of consultation.

    we study the accounting processes and results to meet customer requirements and management and as a result we offer the best solutions for the development of the quality of accounting work, as well as up and use the best to run programs to serve the interests of users, accountants and administrators to take the correct decision for the future.

    Services include consulting and analysis as follows:

    • Understand the requirements and business conduct institution.
    • Giving advice and guidance and recommend the best technology solutions and applications.
    • Identify best practices and application.
    • Software design and development of the application.
    • Development of the documentary course of action.
    • Develop the functions of users for a special security system

About Ultra-Visions

Is an experienced global player in custom application development and successfully clubs its software development capabilities with an offshore delivery model to offer significantly enhanced value.

Ultra-visions has helped a range of organizations – from startups to Fortune companies, in converting mere concepts to robust commercial-grade software with all their intricate requirements built into it.

One of our main targets is to provide individuals and organizations of all sizes with cost-effective software development, consulting and solutions through a seem less integration of skilled manpower and cutting-edge technology that meet the client needs and enhance profitability… through our world-class development center in Saudi Arabia.

Information technology in the global arena is now creating a new dimension of client needs that require a competent business advisor – an integrated team of specialists who combine industry expertise with functional knowledge – to spearhead business growths and place organizations on the threshold of a new future.

Outsourcing, and especially offshore outsourcing has caused a paradigm shift in how companies operate and how they strengthen their competitive advantage, there are many reasons to consider outsourcing software development activities, such as saving application development and maintenance costs, shortening the overall development cycle, and leveraging external expertise in new product areas while focusing internal development resources on strategic technologies core to the company’s business.

Do what you do best, and outsource the rest to us.

Why outsource with us?
  • Cost effectiveness by performing the majority of the development work at our world- class development center in Riyadh.
  • We bring together a diverse team of experts; e-commerce technologists, system architects, graphic and user interface designers, brand strategists, and business management consultants.
  • Outsource you development work for a fixed price or setup your own offshore development team of any size at our world-class development center in Saudi Arabia.
  • Option to manage your offshore development team either by your or us.
Because we never lose, You will always be a winner